A flag that is well-cared for represents your business in an eyecatching way. The life of this product is definitively influenced by the place of use and the care you give it. Please pay attention to the following tips and keep the care instructions in a safe place.

Flags must be able to wave freely and should not come into contact with trees, poles or wires etc. In stormy weather, flags should be taken down. All items should be washed promptly before soiling has progressed too far; otherwise, satisfactory cleaning can no longer be achieved. Damaged flags must be repaired without delay, or their durability will quickly deteriorate.

FAHNEN HEROLD Cleanliness Guarantee 
We offer a cleanliness guarantee for our items. That is, if you treat the items in our restorative laundering service, we will guarantee that the colors will be as brilliant as they were on the first day. This assumes that they have not been treated beforehand with any other laundering product and that the soiling is due to air pollution. You may use our cleaning service up to two times at an inexpensive service charge.

Thorough Cleaning and Laundering
The flags we manufacture are given a special soil-resistant treatment, and with timely care over a long period of time keep their representative impact and the brilliance of their colors. In addition, please pay attention to the care symbols sewn into every flag. Before laundering, all hard components must be removed. Under no circumstances may flags be dry cleaned! Flags may be washed in any normal washing machine at 60° with brand-name laundry products. The best results, however, are achieved by using our professional service.

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Our graphic artists will be happy to create color hard copies for you, at cost, in order to show how your company or event text will look on flags, horizontal banners or pennants. These costs can be charged against an accepted bid.

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Shipping as fast as possible


Shipping and Packing Service
- Save time and money when packing and shipping!

If desired, we can deliver your merchandise in strictly plain packaging or with your individual delivery labels and shipping brochures to all domestic and international addresses you give us.

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Repair Service - Would you like to reuse your used flags?

Sometimes even maintenance and washing is not enough. In addition to our cleaning service, we offer reconditioning of your flags and horizontal banners that have been worn or damaged through use for a service fee. Decided advantage: Your flags and banners will be granted a longer life.

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Are there standard sizes for flags? What kinds of printing processes are available? How expensive is a flag with my own motif? Can you wash flags?

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